Every season I try to create a collection that is always fresh, current, and a little edgy in approach with a sharp twist. I am always dazzled by colors and shades, by touch and details, by design and shapes, by romance and attitude. Using only beautiful and unusual mix of fabrics, I provide unsurpassed attention to detail, combined with the cut of the garment and the perfect fit, making sure that each piece will have a long lasting appeal.

My designing is a reflection of the world around me - a combination of strength, sensitivity and imagination, all the while staying pure to who I am as a designer.

Having you look fabulous is what I try to achieve each time. Over twenty five years as a designer has given me the expertise and confidence to provide each of my clients just that. I design a line of clothing that reflects a total look of what they would like to wear, not what they are told to wear.

It's about tuning in to the individual's lifestyle and personality to create just the right look. I bring my clients to the edge of fashion and style, but never over. That edge is the place where inspiration and creativity meet.

What I find truly exciting in moving forward as a designer, is that as I continue to learn and grow, my clients continue to benefit.
Denise Hajjar